Internet Cafe Sweepstakes


You may be driving down the street when you see a room packed with people and the signage “internet café sweepstakes” catches your eye. Or perhaps a relative or friend has recently opened an internet café sweepstakes center and is making tons of money.  Your interest is likely peaked.   What is this all about?  So you ask your friend about it, or actually visit one yourself.   

Once inside you see that the internet café sweepstakes center is just a big room with a bunch of people surfing the internet on computer terminals or Internet Kiosks, playing games to reveal whether or not they have won a sweepstakes prize.  People are socializing and are entertained.  The games that people are playing to reveal their entries are really fun and include Black Jack, Poker, Keno, Bingo, and  multi-line spinning games. Bonus rounds, free spins, jackpots, and double down opportunities are all part of the game play experience. 

SweepsCoach has developed a web based sweepstakes software system as a marketing tool to help businesses become more successful and profitable.  The concept is the exactly the same as the sweeptakes marketing methods used by McDonald’s (Monopoly), Coca-Cola (bottle-caps), and hundreds of other companies that offer a chance to win a sweepstakes prize with the purchase of a product.  Although sweeptakes businesses are traditionally cafes, we also offer an Internet Kiosk that can be placed in any business.  The Internet Kiosk sweeptakes solution removes the need for costly overhead associated with a café, as the unit is placed in someone else’s business such as a bar, bowling alley, truck stop, restaurant, etc. and does not require a separate POS.

Internet Kiosks and Internet café sweeptakes centers are exciting and profitable.  Whether you are just learning about them or have immersed yourself researching the subject, be advised SweepsCoach is “the real deal”.  The only web based solution that offers over 50 games, which include 3D games.

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