Sweepstakes Internet Cafe

Like any other business, sweepstakes internet cafe success will be determined by the location chosen and the amount dedication of the business owner.  With sweepstakes internet cafes, the product “internet time” is likely on a level playing field.  What will differentiate your business from others is the sweepstakes software that you will use.

If you have decided to open a sweepstakes internet café or to place a sweeptakes kiosk, the sweepstakes software you choose will be just as important as the location that you choose for you business.  As mentioned above, all sweepstakes software is not created equally.  SweepsCoach exclusively uses PromoGames web based software.  The games are fantastic looking and fun to play.  With over 50 games to choose from, there is something for everyone:  poker, blackjack, multi-line, keno, bingo,  even a scratch off game.  Our latest games included in our sweepstakes software are 3D (changing backgrounds) with exciting themes such as the Wizard (think Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings) and soon to be released Poseidon's Adventure, and others.  We are constantly changing, updating, and adding games.  You won’t find another sweeptakes software with our advanced games.  Our sweepstakes software  is also fun to play and will keep people glued to their seats and they will return to play again and again. Our programmers, statisticians, and mathematicians painstakingly review how the entries are revealed an constantly make changes to the software to adapt to maximize the “fun quotient”.  This is not something that can be accomplished overnight.  Sweepstakes software of this nature takes years and years to develop. This fact was a major deciding factor as SweepsCoach went from a company using many softwares to going exclusively with PromoGames.  Many other software companies are realizing the importance of being web-based and try to look like they are, but don’t be fooled.  We are “the Real Deal”.

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